The Methodist Choir Websites

These are the links to websites especially designed for you

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1. Worship Resources

For Preachers, Music Ministers & Worship Leaders

A repository of sermons, creative liturgies, lectionaries, liturgical readings, texts, poems, songs and other arts for use in worship. You can find works of preachers from all ages, gender and culture. We also have some Ilocano, Tagalog and Cebuano sermons that can be of interest.

2. Sacred Anthems

For Conductors and Choir Members

A site devoted to sacred anthems composed by the masters. Here you can view, print and listen to rehearsal parts absolutely free. You can also leave messages and chat with friends from all over the world.

3. Filipino Hymns

Music for the Christian World

Emerging hymns from the Philippines that are currently sung by Filipino people and other countries. This site aims to provide the rehearsal venue for liturgical singers that may not have the common time to learn their notes. New works by many Filipino composers known and unknown are here.

4. Forum

A Place to Chat

This is a great avenue for discussions regarding our music ministry. Come, let us reason together, pray for each other and pour our heart out. Only a Methodist Musician can understand a fellow Methodist Musician. Some of us are young and some are not so young. Let the matured ones share the experiences and wisdom we acquired through the years. Let the young ones remind the matured ones about dynamism and fun. We can ask or answer questions, give tips and tricks, provide information, comment, suggest. Let us, together, nurture and care for each other.

5. Central UMC Choirs

For Members of Central United Methodist Church Choirs

The Central United Methodist Church is Kalaw St., Manila, Philippines has its own private site. This is not open to the public but if you can give good reasons, then try to negotiate with the site owner.

All websites are updated daily so please just keep on visiting. God bless!

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